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Presenting Super Mom: Sara Tafoya!

Being a Supermom means probably something different to different people. To me, it means just being a mom. Whether you are employed outside of the home or whether you are working inside the home doesn't really change what you are required to do and the responsibility you feel to accomplish it when it comes to motherhood. 


sarah tafoya

You are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no PTO or vacation days and while that can be overwhelming at various times of the day and extremely draining, it is also exceptionally rewarding and wonderful. Often, I have found that when I am stressed about something, it is often avoidable. I can be worried that the refrigerator door is sticky again or
I can enjoy playing ball with the kids. I can complain that I can't get a gourmet dinner on the table, or I can slap together buttered noodles and go for a bike ride. My kids prefer the mom who is present and not the mom who is perfect, so I remind myself daily to apologize and start again. Hopefully modeling this, albeit imperfectly, I can give them an example worth emulating and in my later years live up to that title of Supermom that many bestow on you even when you don't feel it is warranted. 
Guess what? If you are a mom, then you are overanalyzing everything you do as a parent, never quite sure you have done enough, constantly trying to help your kids to succeed, and trying to be 5 steps ahead. You ARE Supermom! Congrats!
Author: Sarah Tafoya
Technical Producer for Relevant Radio
Joliet, Illinois, United States
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